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What to do in Prague and which places to must visit in Prague?

What to do in Prague and which places to visit in Prague?

There are many places to visit in Prague and there are plenty things to do in Prague. The say the least, it is no breaking news that Prague is among the top most beautiful cities in world. This is something we assume most of us living in Prague already know this. From sightseeing to pub crawl activities at night and even if you traveling with a larger group of people you can rent the old timer trams to have a tour around the city. All the places to visit in Prague are at ones hand reach. Prague is a compact city. Prague main landmarks density is one of the highest among all the cities that we have seen. You can be anywhere within an hour of walk time but be aware that there are too many places and corners to visit. All the tours can be arranged by our staff.

Places to visit in Prague

The Prague Castle.

Certainly, one of the most important landmarks of Prague is the Prague Castle complex which is the largest coherent castle complex in the world, The Prague Castle with area of almost 70 000m2. By our advice and opinion this is must see place in Prague. The St. Vitus Cathedral is located here and it is largest and most important cathedral in Prague. Beside regular religious services offered, coronations of many kings and queens has taken place in the St. Vitus Cathedral. If you decide to walk to the Prague Castle be prepared to take comfortable walking shoes as almost the entire road leading to the Prague Castle is with cobblestones and uphill. Going down from the Prague Castle and heading down to the Old Town Square is certainly an easier road.

The Charles Bridge.

One of the oldest bridges in Europe. Depending on where are you accommodated in Prague might be a better alternative to first visit the Old Town Square before heading to the Prague Castle area. If you will be heading to Prague Castle from the Old Town area then definitely you will be going through the Charles Bridge. The Charles Bridge is a tale on its own. Cobblestones are on the Charles Bridge therefore do not forget to stay in your comfortable walking shoes.

Lesser Town or Little Quarter.

The Lesser Town is a very picturesque area on its own. It is somewhat like the entire place has come out from a fairy-tale. Down and up the hills of the Lesser Town are a lot of shops, churches, palaces to see and a lot of traditional restaurants to try the food at. Most establishments, whether it is a hotel or restaurant, a coffee shop is set in ancient buildings which construct the entire Lesser Town area. In Lesser Town you will find the St. Nicholas Church which is one of the most famous Baroque Churches in Prague. In the Lesser Town is set one of the most interesting graffiti place the John Lennon wall. From Nerudova street you can uphill and reach the Prague Castle.

The Vysehrad Castle. 

From some of the many places to see and visit in Prague is definitely the Vysehrad Castle. The Vysehrad Castle is the landmark that is closes to our Hostel in Prague. The distance between our Hostel and Vysehrad Castle is about 10 min by tram or about 20-30 min walk, depending on your mood to walk that day :). It is even closer to than that through the staircase leading up to the Vysehrad metro station in Prague. Though the walk up to the Vysehrad metro station is uphill and steep, therefore taking a tram would be just fine. 

According to some ancient legends, the Vysehrad Castle (Fortress) is believed to be the oldest seat of Czech princesses.


Legends hold that Vyšehrad was the area of the very first settlement which later moved to become Prague, however so far this case stays still unverified.

At the point when the Přemyslid dinasty chose the present area of Prague Castle, the two castles maintained an opposing authority for roughly two centuries. The prime of Vysehrad Castle was mainly during the second half of the eleventh century, when Vratislav moved his seat from The Prague Castle to Vysehrad Castle. The prime time of the Castle finished around 1140 when Prince Soběslav moved his seat back to The Prague Castle.

The present outlook of Vysehrad as a castle, with incredible block bulwarks, bastions, and the Tábor and Leopold doors, is a consequence of Baroque renovating. The Cihelná brána (Brick entryway) is an Empire-style structure, dating from 1841. The fundamental piece of the Špička Gate, portions of the Romanesque extension, and the demolished Gothic post tower known as Libušina lázeň (Libuše’s Bath) are the main parts that have been protected from the Middle Ages. The Romanesque rotunda of St. Martin dates from the second half of the eleventh century. The eleventh century Basilica of Sts. Subside and Paul, which overwhelms Vyšehrad, was rebuilt in the second half of the fourteenth century and again in 1885 and 1887 in neo-Gothic style.

Vyšehrad and its surroundings entered the Prague zone area and became an inseparable part of Prague city in 1883. 

Around Vysehrad you can find great coffee places and restaurants. In the Castle area there is one of the most famous cemeteries where famous Czech composers, artists, writers, sculptors and partly known personas from the science and politics. 

What is in our neighborhood?

We are located in Nusle which lies partly in district of Prague 2. Location that is very close to the city center, especially having an easy access to the Wenceslas Square, the National Theater, The Charles Bridge, The Old Town and the entire old part of the City center. Just 5 min from us is located one of the oldest landmarks of Prague,The Vyšehrad Castle. Our Hostel has a very easy access to all the places to visit in Prague. Tram number 14 or 24, takes you at the Wenceslas Square in 10 min ride and tram number 18 takes you at the National Theater and Charles Bridge area in just 10 min tram ride. 

Where can i park my car?

Close by our Hostel nearby the park Folimanka, there is private parking area, where you can leave your car for approximately 200 czk per day. Otherwise all around our area is a zone parking.

How much does it cost to order a taxi transport from the airport to Easy Housing?

The approximate cost of taxi from the airport to our Hostel is 600 czk. In case you needed assistance in arranging one for you, please let us know we can arrange transport for larger Groups as well.

Other taxi fares that you might find useful:

Approximate price by taxi to our hostel from the main train station is 150CZK.
Approximate price by taxi to our hostel from the Old Town is 150CZK.
Just give the taxi driver our address “Spytihněvova 6, Prague 2-Nusle”.
All this can be arranged by our staff if requested.

Can we smoke in Easy Housing?

No, smoking is strictly forbidden in all of the rooms and premises inside the building, only outside. In case non-smoking rule is violated a 2 000 czk fee will apply!
We are situated in a heritage protected building that was built and therefore we want to preserve the surroundings of the building and building itself. This is why when violating the smoking rule no exceptions in paying the fine will be made!

Is there an Internet Access at Easy Housing?

All the rooms are equipped with free WI-FI

Which forms of payments are received at Easy Housing?

You can pay in CZK or EUR cash, or with credit card (Mastercard, Maestro, Visa).

What is included in the price?

In the price of the room free Wi-Fi is included. Linen and City Tax are mandatory and are calculated separately out of the room price at arrival. It is 2,5 euros per person for the entire stay for Linen and 1 euro per person per night for City Tax. Towels are not included in the price and can be rented upon arrival, based on availability, at the reception for 2,5 euros per person for the entire stay.

Are there any kitchen facilities at Easy Housing?

All the common areas have their own kitchenette, though there is one fully equipped kitchen with stove where all of our guests can cook their meal.

Check-in, check-out times at Easy Housing:

Please note that our regular reception hours are between 9:00 and 21:00 o’clock, check in time is between 15:00 and 21:00 o` clock, in this way any arrival between 22:00 o`clock and 24:00 o`clock (midnight) is considered to be as late check in for additional cost. It is still important to let us know your darrival time because for any arrivals after 21:00 o’clock we need to arrange someone to wait on you.

Please note that check-ins after midnight is not possible!

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