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Traveling to Prague

In case you’re planning a trip to Prague or Traveling to Prague alone or with your friends the primary choice you have to make is when to go. The appropriate response relies upon your spending limit, your resistance for groups and busy streets or chilly climate, and of course your craving to encounter occasional delicious “trdelnik” on the street being sold 😊. Consider the upsides and downsides of going during every one of the four seasons to choose which season best suits your needs. Prague is truly beautiful 365 days a year 😊 though the most precious time to head out to Prague is April through August, with November, January, and February providing the best deals on direct hotel – accommodation bookings


Kampa Park close to Charles Bridge

Traveling a trip to Prague in the mid-year is a decent decision for you if you lean toward a warm climate on a get-away. Among June and August, Prague encounters the hottest weather of the year, with average evening highs over 25 degrees Celsius and lows down to 20 degrees. This implies you can pack light and have longer days for touring or simply wandering around the city. You will probably invest the vast majority of your energy outside, investigating Prague’s neighborhoods or staying in a hostel eating in the open air on terraces set up during late spring on famous squares. 

However, summer has its disadvantages. Summer is Prague’s busiest travel season. That implies you’ll need to tolerate crowds, hold up in lines, and ensure you reserve a spot for restaurants also find comfortable accommodation Prague Rooms. You will likewise pay more for airfare and lodgings and halfway found housing might be progressively hard to get a hold of except if you book early. The mid-year months are additionally the wettest months of the year in Prague, with midpoints every long stretch of more than 2.5 inches, yet the downpour will be warm.

Spring and Fall

Prague Castle area down to Nerudova street

Planning your trip to Prague in pre-summer or late-summer if you need to understand a few reserve funds through airfare and Cheapest accommodation in Prague or you need moderately gentle Prague weather however don’t care for crowds. Typical day by day highs in May and September are over 20 degrees Celsius, though September tends to hold at around 15 degrees Celsius with lows in the evening hours. It rains a considerable amount in May, with the normal for the month 2.72 inches. September is a lot drier, with just 1.54 inches of rain. Average highs in April and October are between 10-15C, so it’s ideal for planning a spring or fall trip in May or September if you need to maintain a strategic distance from a cold climate. 

As you are there at the correct time, you will have the option to encounter one of Prague’s seasonal performances: Prague Spring or Prague Autumn. Regardless of whether the climate turns cold, you can remain engaged inside at exhibition halls and places of workshops, go to shows, or warm up in a nice restaurant with ice cold Czech beer 😉. 


As your timetable is adaptable, play with booking dates to see when you can get the best Accommodation in Prague cheap on room rates and airfare. During this season, you will have a good time at getting a great location of Hostels in Prague arranged near the sights you are most keen on observing. Draw up a guide of the city when you book: Old Town Prague is rambling, yet it’s walkable if you have a lot of time and power. Moreover, each part of the city has its very own character, implying that where you stay will affect your general understanding. 

The more remote from summer you intend to travel, the chillier the climate is probably going to be, and the higher the chances of a cold front that drops the temperature below the midpoints. This implies you should pack the adaptable dress for your travel, which will occupy some space in your bag. Then again, the closer you travel to summer, the thicker the groups will be. The best situation is to discover a trade-off in the shoulder season that implies insignificant groups; however, hotter climate.


Naplavka bank of Vltava River in Prague

If Traveling to Prague during winter time then Prague’s Christmas Market is definitely on your must to-do list, winter is an ideal opportunity to go, when you’ll additionally discover winter season melodic exhibitions. Prague likewise is exquisite under a fresh cover of snow, it is seen from above, from one of the towers of the Castle District post. Typical day by day highs is in the mid-10s in December. As a result of Christmas attractions, December is a demanding travel month, especially when Advent weekends start.

January and February are the least packed occasions in Prague and the costs for lodgings and airfare mirror this low season. January highs are about equivalent to December’s, and February is a couple of degrees hotter. 

If you have a low resilience for icy temperatures and snow, it isn’t an ideal opportunity to make a trip to Prague. This season likewise requires thicker apparel, which means progressively troublesome packing. Boots, down coats, gloves, caps, and sweaters are mandatory for a trip during winter. Touring might be poorly designed with snow ice-covered walkways, and the days are short in Prague throughout the winter, which additionally restrains the time you have for visiting.

Best Time to Visit Prague?

Man on trumpet in Prague

  • Best Time for Prague Sightseeing: Spring and fall, particularly April and May or September and October, are perfect for Prague Sightseeing, thankfulness to mellow climate, and more crowds. Guests might have the option to walk the famous Charles Bridge without squeeze through a massive number of Prague tourism and a gauntlet of vendors. The climate gets cold; there are a lot of indoor choices like churches and historical places, just as Prague restaurants for heating up with a strong espresso.
  • Best Time to Visit for Good Prague Weather: The midyear months carry the hottest climate with high temperatures around 21 to 23°C, yet this time additionally brings more rain. For the driest humidity and moderate temperatures, plan your visit in the other 50% of April or between mid-September and mid-October, which will, in general, experience less precipitation and agreeable temperatures going from 14 to 19°C.

River Cruise

  • Best Time for a River Cruise: Cruising the Prague river the Vltava is an incredible method to see Prague’s grand noteworthy structures and landmarks from an alternate point of view. Travels are accessible consistently, and regardless of what the season it’s probably going to be a pleasurable encounter, even though boats are frequently jam-pressed in the late spring. The hour of the day, the journey leaves is the more significant thought. A journey at nightfall is particularly mysterious to observe Prague lit up in the entirety of its wonder. Throughout the winter, travelers sit in a vast, warmed feasting zone with windows for appreciating thought about wine and a warm supper while viewing the city float by.

Prague Castle

  • Best Time to Visit Prague Castle: As the most prominent old Prague Castle (the largest ancient Castle complex in the world) on the planet as indicated by Guinness World Records, Prague Castle draws in a lot of guests. Summer brings the most significant groups, while the least jam-packed time to go is in winter. The best time for more crowds is commonly promptly toward the beginning of the day or mid-evening from 3 p.m. on. There are quite often fewer individuals on a weekday than on the end of the week.

Prague for Shopping

  • Best Time In Prague for Shopping: Prague doesn’t have explicit occasions of the year for deals, even if late spring will, in general, observe the least deals with the travel industry at its peak. Regardless of the period, search for the signs that read “sleva” for limited things. The occasion time frame, during a large portion of the long stretch of December and early January, might be the best time for shopping as the city is changed into an old-style commercial center, with traders setting up stalls that sell a wide range of high-quality things, Christmas decoration theme and toys alongside hot, wine and Bohemian treats.

Prague Travel Seasons

  • High Season (June through August): The late spring a long time of June, July, and August are the high season in Prague. This is the point at which the city encounters, for the most part, dry, radiant climate with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 20s. The season additionally brings the most visitors, with bigger groups and the longest queues, alongside the most elevated accommodation charge and airfare of the year.
  • Shoulder Season (Mid-March through May; September, October): The shoulder season is a perfect time to visit Prague, much of the time getting charming daytime temperatures the young adult and cold evenings that plunge to around 5°C. The city encounters fewer groups of people this season, which frequently results in discounted rate Rooms in Prague and accommodation in Prague cheap airfare.
  • Low Season (Mid-November through mid-December, early January through mid-March): Late fall and winter is the most significant discount season in Prague. This is the best season to visit for the most significant limits and hardly any crowd. Packaging up with a warm winter coat, cap, gloves, and boots is fundamental, with temperatures that are frequently well below freezing.


The best time to visit Prague is in pre-summer or late-summer, just when the peak summer visitor season. Plan to land in May or September for agreeable temperatures around 18 to 20°C, perfect for touring without facing any crowd. Lower airfares and cheap hotels in Prague might be found as well. And you can also find best price for our Easy Housing Hostel In Prague.