Pruhonicky Park v Praze

Průhonice Park in Prague – gardens with exquisite Nature – UNESCO site

Fairytale nature only a few kilometers from the borders of the capital city Prague. This is the Průhonice castle park, in which a number of fairy tales were shot. One of the largest natural landscape parks in Europe with an area of ​​240 hectares is located in the rugged valley of the meandering river Botič.

The park is an ideal place for relaxation and a romantic walk. Definitely go to Průhonice Park at the end of May, when rhododendrons are blooming. But you can go to the park at any time of the year and you will always have something to look at. In addition to its artistic and historical significance, the park is also valuable dendrologically, as a collection of domestic and foreign tree species – around 1,600 species. The collection of rhododendrons, numbering about 8,000 pieces in 100 species and cultivars, is exceptional.

The most beautiful is the park, but really in the spring, when a large number of interesting plants bloom. It also has its charm in winter, when nature is covered with a blanket of snow and the waterfalls are frozen. The entrance to the park is possible not only through the main entrance at the chateau, but also through the entrance from the road towards Dobřejovice, which divides the park into two parts.

Průhonice Park has not only artistic and historical significance. In recent years, the park has been a refuge for numerous plant and animal species. Valuable forest and meadow communities are preserved on its territory. The Průhonice Park also includes valuable gene pool collections and a dendroteca – a collection of cones.

The park was founded in 1885 by Count Arnošt Emanuel Silva-Tarouca, and in addition to a forest with exotic trees, you will also find open meadows and the vast Alpinum (built on rocky parts above Botič). For wandering through the park, which is located at an altitude of 280-342 m, 40 km of groomed paths serve visitors.