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5 selfies ideas to make in a Hostel

Selfie picture

History of selfies

The first real selfie photo dates back to 1839. The author behind the first selfie created is Robert Cornelius. Back in that time taking a selfie must have been very difficult not to speak about 5 different ideas of making selfies in a Hostel. Patience was not a virtue. For Cornelius had to stand still for more than 60 seconds and wait for a photo to be taken. The slightest movement would be a blurry photo. Can he imagine holding your phone minutes in your hand today and waiting one minute to make a selfie? Most probably if that was the case selfies would not have been so popular.

Later, various additional elements such as mirrors started to be used. For over 100 years, the mirror has been one of the greatest “friends” in self-portrait photography, and there is no indication that this should change in the coming years. In recent years we have seen several trends, which we now take for granted. A big milestone is, for example, the use of selfie sticks, or the addition of filters that variously modify and improve the resulting image. But you don’t have to use filters every time to improve your selfie. See some of our tips below and create a great self-portrait without any problems.

How to make a great selfie in a Hostel

Well the first step to make a great selfie in general is to have a good camera resolution.

Choose the right location in the Hostel

Taking a photo on your phone is very easy. And this often tempts people to simply pull the phone out of their pocket and “snap” their selfie. But they often forget that the surroundings may not be completely the right spot. The problem may be passing people, mess in the room, too much light, etc.

Many times, it is enough to go for a walk somewhere and then turn on the camera. Often times it is enough just standing outside of the building, where is usually much better light. Most of the Hostels do have a great garden which during summer time might be a good spot to catch. A simple move in location and background is enough and the resulting photo looks much better. A lot of magic is also possible with a selfie stick, which can serve as an extended hand. However, you have to take into account that the selfie stick can in some cases grasp larger surroundings. On the other hand, the best to complete your story is using the background. Set up the scenes for the next great selfie.

More light can secure better photo

Much of it depends on the lighting conditions. Inside Hostels the light might be not the brightest. Light is basically the pillar of every successful photo. You can take pictures with the best makeup, beautiful clothes and maybe in the castle, but as soon as it is dark or the sun shines in your back, you destroy the whole photo. This is a very important part of the 5 different selfies ideas to make a great selfie in a Hostel. Obviously, every photo is very subjective to the experience of one making it. It’s about finding new compositions and trying out new ideas – taking pictures in the dark light doesn’t have to be wrong right away, but we aware that light can always give a better contrast to the photo, therefore the scene should be set.

The most ideal light is one that does not cast sharp or hard shadows. As a rule, the sun at noon, which is very high, may cause you to not see your eyes due to shadows. In the summer months with the bright sun, we recommend to go somewhere where there is light shade and yet enough light, or play with the sun so that it shines at an angle that does not disturb the photo.

On the other hand, if it is night or you are in a room with poor lighting, you can use the flash functions. Some phones have a front “flash”, when the phone briefly illuminates the display at full power. But do not rely on this feature much, as it works at a very short distance. This is more of a last resort tactics that should be applied.

Don’t never forget to include your Hostel buddies in the photo. Those pictures are for life and write journals of a great experience.

Try selfie from different view points

This definitely is an important strategy when looking at the 5 selfies ideas when making selfies in a Hostel. Choosing the right place can play a vital role in making the right selfie.

We all know and yet very few of us would like to admit that the human body is not symmetrical. This is especially true for the face. Each side of the face looks different and each of us may like a different half. If you’re not feeling good at the side or you’re not happy with the selfie, maybe it’s because you’re taking your less-favored side of your face. Try taking a picture from the other side or try a selfie from the front.

A typical example is a selfie from the view, which usually creates double chins and you have to count with other things that can be seen in these photos. Also beware of too much tilt, ideally you should shoot the photo to 45 degrees. The aerial photo works best, but take into account that the selfie from these angles enlarges the head and looks larger than the rest of the body.

Additional editing

How to make a great selfie in a Hostel…At no doubt with additional selfie editing, you can literally make wonders. For example, just use basic filters, crop to fit the right composition, add contrast or sharpness.

In short, subjectively enhance the photo the way you like. Social networks already offer editing options. However, if you want to win the selfie game, it is strongly recommended special apps for that. At a snap of the finger, Google Play offers many and for free 😊

The best tried and recommended is Snapseed. This is a special photo editor directly from Google. It contains a total of 29 tools with which to create true miracles. It is also popular because it is very easy to use and everyone immediately understands how to edit photos.

Selfies are great memories especially when made in Hostels with travellers that you have just met.