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The Hostel Lounge – Tech Feed – SEO tips and tricks for beginners in 2020

The Hostel Lounge – Tech Feed – SEO tips and tricks for on-site and off-site optimization for beginners is brought to you by our skilled and cheerful staff.

Search engines are much smarter than several years ago. They are equipped with state of art artificial intelligence elements, and use machine learning technology.
Today’s SEO is therefore a much more complicated process that requires careful preparation and disciplined effort. Creation of web pages should be done from the beginning with regards to SEO. Choosing the right strategy will facilitate the entire optimization process and get rid of future obstacles to success.

SEO Tips and Tricks for On-Site Optimization – Website Optimization from the inside part

SEO tips and tricks

The on-site optimization category can include factors that affect the performance of a page in search engines that are directly related to its content.

For example:

• Proper use of HTML tags. This helps the search engine know which parts of the page are important
• Code structure, validity and quality
• Correct web linking and URL structure
• Proper use of “title”, “description” and title tags
• Use the right keywords and many others. By fine-tuning the on-page factors, you can improve the ranking of the page by favorably affecting the ranking in the search results.

Create a unique headline for each page of your site

Maybe this would be one of the most important parts of beginning with SEO. Having the same or a very similar headline on all pages of the site is a big mistake that will certainly not help building organic traffic. It might be difficult to create an original and readable headline for each page on the web, especially in the case of e-commerce sites which might more generic in sense, but it is definitely worth the effort on the long-run.

Include long tail keywords

Let’s say you want to optimize the page for the phrase “brown pants”. However, optimizing for a similar phrase is harder than optimizing for the phrase “quality cotton brown pants”. This long tail phrase will get you up a lot faster, and over time you will begin to place yourself in the higher google pages if not on the first page on the original phrase.

Work with keyword synonyms

Paste your main keyword into the H1 tag. But in other headings H2 and H3, try to use synonyms to keep the page from looking optimized.

Publish longer articles

Some SEO studies show that there is a link between the length of the content and the position in the search engine. It does not mean to publish long texts just for any reason. Most important is the value and the benefit provided for visitors and readers. Still, publishing articles with 1000 or more words can help your placement.

Use LSI keywords in your text

Another important part of our SEO tips and tricks is the usafe of LSI keywords. LSI stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing”. You should use synonyms and thematically similar terms to your main keyword in your text. This will give search engines a better understanding of what the page is really about.

Use photos

It is important to use high quality and interesting photos. It is very often that readers do not finish the whole article, get distracted or bored. Photos will recur the attention back to the article.

Use keyword amplifiers in the “title” tag

Amplifiers are words that people often append to the beginning or end of their search query. For example, someone looking for a pool for their garden would type “the best pool in action” in the search engine. Common keyword amplifiers are: Action, Cheap, Great Reviews, Large Discount, 2019, 2020, etc.

Use the keyword in the first paragraph of the text

This is a relatively old SEO technique, which may no longer be as important as in the past. In any case, it does not do any harm, and it is good for visitors to make sure that they are in the right place at the beginning.

Include authoritative resources in the text

Authoritative resource links will help increase the credibility of your text. Will this help you improve your search position? Google has not yet confirmed this information, but research shows that links to authoritative resources can really help.

Use the right web architecture

SEO process, all around SEO

The visitor should reach the internal pages of the website in as few clicks as possible. Therefore, choose an arrangement so that you have as few nested categories as possible. This gives you a shorter URL that is easier to remember, making it easier for robots to crawl and index your site.

How to find the best keywords for your next blog

An important part of an on-page SEO tips and tricks is the right choice of keywords. Make sure that you avoid at any cost over-stuffing with keywords. Keywords need to be organic. Keyword research lets you see what your potential customers are looking for. It gives you the ability to optimize the content to offer visitors exactly what they need and help them answer the questions if they might have.

Choosing the right keywords

Many webmasters choose keywords for their projects based only on search and competition statistics. But this is a mistake. A more important indicator of keyword quality is business potential. Some keywords just drive far more conversions. Building SEO on terms that attract visitors but do not bring you enough money in conversions is a waste of resources.

How to identify keywords with real business potential?

If you’re using Google Adwords tools to find new keywords, focus on the average cost-per-click. The higher the average cost, the higher the commercial potential.

Search for new keywords

Where can I always search for new keywords for my content? Books on Amazon are a great resource. Find the most popular books on Amazon for your industry. Then review the list of chapters. The title of each chapter is a potential new keyword. Then pass these terms through the Keyword Planner to find their search and commercial potential.

Conferences can also be the source of new keywords

Conference programs are another similar source of new keywords. Conferences discuss topics and information for which people are willing to pay large amounts of money. Every item in the conference program can be a keyword with high potential that can be utilized in SEO.

Have a look at related search phrases

Type a highly competitive keyword in the Google search box. For example, “accommodation in Prague”. You will also see related searches such as “cheap accommodation in Prague”. You can further refine related keywords by using the “” at a place where you want the expand the question. If you type “accommodation_in Prague” you will also see the terms “accommodation for foreigners in Prague”. This SEO technique is older, but still works great.

Off-site SEO

One of the main SEO criteria by which search engines reference sites is off-page factors. As the name implies, these are factors we cannot directly control, such as:
• Backlinks to your site
• Credibility and authority
• Web History
• Social Signals (Social Sharing, Likes)

Avoid low quality backlinks

Many start-ups make a fatal mistake, and they don’t pay much attention to quality when getting backlinks. Especially when there are many, and it’s cheap. Unfortunately for them, search engines can nowadays with ease detect similar links and penalizing the site will not be long waited. Which types of links to definitely avoid?

Irrelevant pages links

• Links from irrelevant pages. Relevance is very important to Google’s ranking. Search engines attach little weight to links from sites that have nothing to do with your content.


• Purchased links from PBN (Private blog network). Private networks created to sell links were very popular a few years ago. While references from these sources may sometimes work today, the risk of penalization is great.

Pages with large number of outbound links

• Links from pages with a large number of outbound links. The more links there are on the page, the less weight Google gives them.

PR pages links

• Links from so-called PR pages. It is another very popular practice in the past, which practically does not work anymore. If a site with a lot of unrelated content, with minimal traffic, links to you, it can’t bring anything positive to your site.

Automatically created links – the worst tactic

• Automatically created lines. Another “black hat” SEO tactic over which water has shut down years ago. Links created using automated tools should be avoided as plague.

Get quality backlinks from high authority sites or sites with high DA

Authoritative site links are one of the most important signals for search engines to reference the quality of your site. Find sites that are authority in your industry and try to get a link, for example, in exchange for cooperation. Building good interpersonal relationships is very important in getting quality links. As our SEO tips and tricks strategy high DA sites are hard to get a link from at first. Imagine a site owner which has a high DA receives hundreds inquiries a day. Therefore persistence and patience are a virtue when doing this.

Guest Posts

Many quality and authoritative sites allow you to do so-called Guest posting. They post your article on their site where you can place a link.

Broken Link Building

There may be many links to pages on large, authoritative sites that no longer exist. Search the site from which you want to link using Xen or Screaming Frog, and find links that report Error 404. Then create a good replacement on your site, notify the webmaster of a broken link, and offer your site as an alternative.

A quality backlink will bring you visitors

One of the main criteria for getting a backlink should be the organic visitors that come through your site. A link that no one clicks on is useless, and so the search engines take it. This is why links from footers or PR sites without traffic have almost no weight.
We right now hope that you know more than most online entrepreneurs about what you should focus on with your SEO techniques and as a part of our advice on your SEO tips and tricks we hope you enjoyed reading the entire article.
The sooner you make adjustments to your strategy, the better! You need to start right away. Understand that SEO is for the long-run. Expect the wave of results to come in a matter of months at the earliest.

In case you would have any concrete questions regarding the SEO techniques explained before please contact our us and we would be more than happy to help. At our Hostel we do have staff that know how to work with a keyboard and mouse as well ;)…