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15 Great places to eat in Prague

Restaurants in Prague, places where to eat in Prague
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We all know that food-based reviews are personal because they depend on the preferences we have. While keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of our 15 great places to eat in Prague. Let’s be honest, Prague is a melting pot of cultures, which results in some amazing restaurants on the market. This can certainly enhance your time in Prague.

Food is so much more than just sustenance. It’s a social, cultural and personal experience. In my own travels, I have never met anyone who feels that food is a crutch to life. People feel passionate about food, so it’s not a surprise that Prague restaurants are very much a part of the travel experience.

For the Czech experience

Vinohradský pivovar

Being in Prague, of course, there are plethora of Czech restaurants to choose from. This one is interesting because when entering, you can actually see the brewery’s tanks from the restaurant. The beer is therefore fresh and tasty, and so is the food. The Pivovar also has an adjoining room used for gigs and events, which contributes to the vibrant atmosphere.


For those who have never tried Czech food, the experience is that it is quite heavy- well suited for beer. Kravin is located near Náměstí Míru (Peace Square), where you will find one of the most beautiful squares in Prague. Before or after visiting the restaurant, we highly recommend visiting the square or the cathedrals courtyard or, depending on the time of year, visit one of the markets. We go to Kravin for the food. The pork knee is perfect for meat-lovers, as the meat just falls off the bone.

U Kroka

This restaurant definitely deserves to be among the 15 great places to eat in Prague. One of Prague’s favorite Czech restaurants and very heavily reviewed. They certainly deserve the great reviews they get. Try a mouth-watering beef tenderloin steak, or perhaps some traditional “Svíčková”. The restaurant is very easy to get to from our hostel, either a short walk, a two tram stops ride. In the warmer months, you can enjoy some sunshine, Czech beer, and food on the terraced area.

Places to in Prague For those in love with burgers

The Tavern

Specializing in burgers, its no surprise that The Tavern is dubbed for great burgers. The actual space itself is small and cozy, with seating outside in the warm spring and summer months. It’s found right at the corner of Riegovy Sady park, in Prague 3. So, make an afternoon out of it! Have a walk through the park, work up an appetite, and then pop into the Tavern for a delicious burger. It would certainly enhance your Prague vacation.

Bad Jeff’s BBQ

Bad Jeff really is the American meat-lovers haven. You can find a classic bacon cheeseburger here, but take your pick, because all the burgers are excellent. The service is friendly, and atmosphere fun-really lives up to expectation. The restaurant is found in Vinohrady, an easy walk from our hostel, or short tram ride. The place is quite popular, so be sure to make a reservation, before you go.

Black dog Cantina

We are quite lucky, as there are two Black-dog Cantinas. One is found Palackého Namesti, near the river, and then other in a town called Beroun. It might seem strange that I mention it here, but since the one in Beroun was the original, a lot of locals make the trip there just for the restaurant. If you feel like a change of scenery while in Prague, take a train down to Beroun, see a new and pretty Czech town, and enjoy a scrumptious burger.

For Vegetarians and Vegans


Maitrea is one of Prague’s all-time favorites growing vegetation/vegan restaurants. You can find Maitra after a nice walk in Old-town Prague Square. It is a blend of all types of cuisines with some Mexican dishes, burgers, and Czech cuisine (vegetarian versions). You will enjoy the meal even if you are not veggie/vegan.

Radost FX

THE BEST VEGETARIAN BURGERS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD…. PERIOD! Found very close to the National Museum of Prague, in an area called I.P Pavlova, this restaurant undoubtedly serves the best vegetarian burgers. This is not an exaggeration but a simple fact. In case you are vegetarian coming to Prague, this is must to go place. The area around the restaurant is named after scientist Pavlov known mostly for his work in classical conditioning. “Appetite, craving for food, is a constant and powerful stimulator of the gastric glands”. The vegetarian/vegan restaurant Radost or ‘Joy’ rings true to Pavlov’s words, making mouth-watering mix of food. You can choose between Mexican, Burgers or Oriental or come back a few times and try them all, which is what I recommend. Ask our staff on how to get there, as it is a quick 5 min tram ride away from Spytihnevova 6.


‘Cozy eatery is perfect way of describing Plevel, which is a café/bar/vegan restaurant. Lovely place to try some lentil burgers while sipping on some mean cocktails. Plevel is in the vibrant area of Vršovice, which again is easy to get to from our hostel. Vršovice is a great place to continue for a night out and while there you can check out the craft beer pub (right next to Plevel) Bad Flash. If you’re feeling adventurous, mosey on down to Bohemia Boards & Brews, a bar dedicated to drinking and playing some boards games.

For the Italian lovers

San Carlo

I can honestly say I have not met a single person who does not like pizza. That being said, not all pizzas are made equal. For the true pizza lovers, San Carlo is ‘home away from home’, the closest to Napoli pizza we have tried. Naturally, because of this San Carlo as a restaurant is on the pricier side, but still very affordable. They have two locations, one very close to the Charles Bridge on Mala Strana, or on street Dittrichova, near the Dancing Building.

Pizza West

Quite different to the ‘real’ Italian in San Carlo, yet delicious. Pizza West ‘takes the buck’ for being one of our all-time favorite restaurants for many years. Pizza West is found in Nusle, 5 min walk from our hostel; another bonus. We recommend the Bolognese pizza, or the standard love, Quattro Formaggi. If you’re not in the mood for pizza or pasta, try the quesadilla or burritos, they are to-die-for.


If you would like to try something different, Lasagneria (as the name suggests) specializes in lasagnas. It’s a small, modern restaurant. Perfect for a quick meal, wine and a nice chat. The portions are on the small side, but very tasty. The restaurant is on Korunni street, quite close to Náměstí Míru, or Jiřího z Poděbrad Square.

Alternative places to eat

Last but not the least these are some of the alternative 15 great places to eat in Prague. With their diversified extensive meal offer they should definitely be on your list.


Anyone who has tasted Balkan food can confirm that it is something special. While it is very much a meat centered cuisine, the vegetarian dishes are also to-die-for. The problem that many of us face, however, is that part of what makes the food delicious is the freshness of the products. That’s why Jelica is like an Oasis for Balkan people in Prague and a special treat for the rest.

The restaurant is in Prague 5, with the closest tram stop or bus stop, both called Lihovar. It’s not the easiest restaurant to get to, but it is worth the trip. The place is decorated with authentic historical gear, and matching outfits for the waiters.

Klub Cestovatelu

Also translated as ‘Traveler’s Club’- is a Lebanese style restaurant. The place is fairly small, dark and an authentic feel to it. If that doesn’t convince you, the food will. Absolutely amazing hummus, baba ganush, kebaby. If you would like to get the whole experience, order a ‘mezze talir’, a share menu which is quite typical of that area. The restaurant is by Prague river (Vltava), very close to Národní divadlo- the National Theatre.

Arepas de Lyna

For the adventurous eaters, this is a great find. It is a small family owner restaurant found also on Korruni street in Prague. The food they serve? Venezuelan. Maybe you’re from Venezuela, and want a taste from home, or maybe you are like us, and Venezuelan food is quite exotic. Either way, the restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere, and worth the trip.

All of the above 15 places to eat in Prague can be booked and arranged by some of our staff. Looking forward hosting you in Prague!

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